Chroniques poético-gastronomiques en Terre (que l'on se rend, si l'on veut) hospitalière, épisode 99 - BIS

Just do eat! 

I don't want hot water, 

With salt, lime or whatever, 

I want peanut butter. 

I don't want to cook fruits and vegetables, 

Chew for hours and sit at a proper table, 

I want to eat toasts with spread,

Watching a movie in in my bed. 

I don't want to run, cross, swim, 

I want bun and ice cream. 

I don't care about being fit,  

I just want to eat. 

Whatever I want, 

Whenever I want. 

And doesn't matter if I have to change my pant, 

If I risk to become an elephant. 

Really, i don't care if it's Bad :

Still better than be sad.